Who we are

Profitable Insights was established in 2015 to meet the needs of small businesses for financial management and data analysis for better decision making and improving profitability year on year. We have been helping companies from professional services, production and retail make the most of their financial data, maintain and improve their profits and safeguard them against economic downturns in different markets. Most of them are still with us and continue to grow and improve their margins.

Adina LucaAdina is the Director of Profitable Insights. Her clients are owners and managers of small businesses in professional services.

She spends her days making the most of her clients’ financial, marketing and any other business data to derive insights that inform their day-to-day strategic decisions. She sets up tools to monitor the financial effects of their decisions and help build profitability.

Adina uses her personal experience to help entrepreneurs grow their business. She set up and ran her own medium-sized training and consulting business, and sold it after nine years. In London, she co-founded an analytics company that is now successfully profitably run by her partner. She knows the joys and pains of small business inside out.

Adina has experience with multinational and bigger size businesses, too. Through her work as a consultant and a former employee, she knows and applies strategies and methods that bigger companies employ and that could also be applied in smaller businesses in a customised manner.

Adina believes in the power of financial management skills for small businesses to change the world, one entrepreneur at a time. They deserve to stay profitable and be successful with limited resources, while providing so much needed employment for less daring others. And, as small businesses dominate most economies, we all depend on their ability to stay afloat financially no matter the climate.

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Margaret Mann
Margaret is the Project Manager for Profitable Insights. Supporting UK and International small business clients with a focus on professional services.

She delivers projects encompassing data management, reorganisation of data systems and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns.

She also supports Adina in leveraging data and analytics, enabling data-driven sales success.

Margaret utilises her experience of working with international clients from a wide spectrum of services including finance, insolvency, risk management, fashion to travel and recruitment. She is passionate about enabling SMEs to transform businesses and execute strategy effectively.

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