Adam Wilkinson
Adam Wilkinson is a Chartered Accountant turned Professional Development trainer who leads unique and engaging finance workshops based on Colour Accounting™. Adam has a wide range of clients from start up’s and SME’s to large corporations, who operate in a wide range of sectors, including music companies, media businesses, law firms, publishers and manufacturers.

Accounting and finance often feel confusing because people can’t see how the numbers work, or they don’t understand the language. Colour Accounting™ fixes both issues by approaching the subject visually, making accounting simple. These courses deliver real financial literacy quickly and effectively: when you understand the fundamentals of accounting, you will understand your business finances better.

If you feel lost when someone puts a Balance Sheet in front of you, or you glaze over in financial conversations because you can’t cut through the jargon, then Colour Accounting™ is for you. These interactive workshops bring accounting to life with logical and intuitive examples, enabling you to build a holistic understanding of how financial information tells a business story.