Marc Morawek
Marc is an accountant and founder of MarcM Bookkeeping. He is XeroTM Advisor Certified and delivers expert bookkeeping services to businesses in the UK and France. Previously, Marc also managed employee share and option plans in Canada for four years while working for worldwide clients.

MarcM Bookkeeping provides affordable, simple, personalised, and reliable bookkeeping solutions. At first, you might think you can bypass the bookkeeper using XeroTM or another bookkeeping software. Experience tells us that as you develop your business, you will face bookkeeping complexity. Complexity means more time not doing what you are best at! Marc will listen to you to understand your needs and help you set up your bespoke administrative and bookkeeping solution.

Marc can also provide accounting services for French-speaking clients with businesses based in either France or the UK. If you have a problem with your business in France, we can help!

MarcM Bookkeeping excels at:

  • helping you choose and set up the best administrative solution,
  • solving your bookkeeping problem,
  • helping to manage your business in France with a step-by-step approach,
  • saving you time and effort at an affordable price.