We can make your business more predictable. From P&L and cashflow projections to high-level financial analysis and reporting, we offer bespoke level of finance consultancy, based on your individual needs to grow your business.

During the process, we will help you work out where the money is going, how to plan for the future and what steps to take to become more profitable and increase profits. We use finance and operational data to derive insights, set sounds forecasts and KPIs and build profitability calculations that entrepreneurs should be doing but don’t have the time, energy or desire to do.

How to take control of your business in 20 days

We focus our financial analysis on 5 pillars of sustainable business: profit, cash, drivers, market and sales.

Integrated P&L with financial and operational data and projections

  • What is my real profit?
  • How has my real profit changed over time?

Cashflow projections

  • When will I run out of cash and how can I avoid that?



Client/service/product/project gross margin reports

  • Where is my profit coming from?
  • What shall I sell/how should I set my price/cost to improve margins?

Customer churn reports

  • Who is my target/profitable market?
  • Where is my target/profitable market?

Pipeline reports

  • Am I targeting the right market?
  • What is my sales hit ratio/cycle/account load per sales person?

High-level review and planning services

  • Business model review
  • Business strategy and planning
  • HR reorganisation and budgeting
  • Marketing budget review
  • Management capability review