What clients say

“Adina has been our financial advisor for about 10 years and changed how we do business. Thanks to her, we learned how to minimize costs and maximize profits. She also advises us on sales. Her help has been invaluable in helping us make better business decisions, and we depend on her calculations and advice to run our business most effectively. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Every small or medium business owner will profit highly from working with her.”

Laura Klos Sokol, Klos Training

“Adina untangled my numbers. She was able to break down and interrogate all my costs and income. This resulted in an accurate cash forecast and pipeline and meant we could find efficiencies which has saved me money.  I have transparency and financial control now, because of her involvement.  Her input has been invaluable.”

Louise Turley, FT Architects

“As the owner of a small bakery, I was so engulfed in the daily activities and joys brought upon by my customers, staff and beautiful, buttery croissants, that I had never taken the time to understand how all these joys translate into the financial health of the company. The reality hit hard one day when I found out that our bank would not extend the overdraft because our profits were too small. I had to admit that, if I was to continue to enjoy my business, I had to work at expanding my understanding of finance. I came upon Profitable Insights through a recommendation and I decided to give it a go. At first, both I and my team were challenged to understand the numbers and analysis. We had a major turn around when we stopped believing that we were unique and financial indicators did not apply to us and started looking for ways to think rationally and make decisions based on relevant information, not on gut instinct. Two years later, while we still work with Profitable Insights, we have created a different structure for the company, we generate more data to base our decisions on and our results are healthier. And local banks are now fighting to offer us overdrafts. We are enjoying the same beautiful, buttery croissants, same customers and same successes everyday, but we are now embarked on an ambitious expansion that we know we can handle, especially because we have had good advice. I highly recommend Profitable Insights. It will anchor your dreams in reality. ”

Irina, Pain Plaisir Artisan Bakeries

“Adina’s insights are truly valuable: information is clearly presented and understandable to non-financial specialists.  It has helped us increase our turnover by focusing on what’s really important to our business.”

Helen Caton Hughes, The Forton Group

“I hadn’t realised how much I needed Adina’s services until we started working together. I gained some really valuable insights into the way our company was working, allowing us to give focus to the correct product lines, and improve our overall turnover and profit as a result. Adina is really responsive and a genuine subject matter expert. I’ve already recommended her to others in my network”

Bob Hughes, The Forton Group

“I met Adina and her company Profitable Insights, through business networking. I was immediately impressed with the service she provided, as it gave small businesses, like mine, the ability to properly understand the finances and how we can then strategically use them to grow and scale business.

Adina is providing the role of a Financial Controller in larger organisations. She did a marvellous job going through my consultancy partnership’s finance data to create our first detailed P&L. This has enabled us to realign our strategy and make informed investment decisions on how we grow the business.

She uses her skills, experience and benchmarks to take the various data sources and to turn them into a coherent report and all done with great sense of humour.

As a customer, I highly recommend Adina to any small business that would like to understand how they are performing in comparison to their industry benchmarks and also how they use their data to make informed decisions on the future strategy.”

Rod Love, TCG

“6 lat współpracy z Adiną Lucą i jej zespołem dało mi, oprócz poznania podstaw analizy finansowej, także możliwość zastanowienia się nad rozwojem naszej firmy, jak i moim własnym. Informacje uzyskane w wyniku tej współpracy ułatwiły podjęcie kluczowych decyzji dotyczących przyszłości firmy, w tym rozwoju indywidualnych pracowników.

Wsparcie Adiny i gotowość do pomocy, właściwie w każdym zakresie, czy to technicznym czy sprzedażowym, są nieocenione i na pewno wpisują się w najwyższe standardy współpracy biznesowej.”

Justyna Makowska-Strużyna, Klos Training