Sometimes we all need help to stay on top of finances


Running a busy household means that sometimes it may be challenging to stay on top of personal finances. This is why budgeting is so important. It allows you to build up a better understanding of your finances.

With a tailor-built budget and regular updates, you will always see how much money you have, how much you can afford to spend. Having a better understanding of your monthly budget will help you build a more secure financial future.


  • You need a template that is customised to your own particular situation and offers enough flexibility to change it and update it
  • You need a service that doesn’t charge you a high amount upfront while still gives you the tools from the very beginning
  • You need someone to build/review the template for you and support you through the process until you are able to use and update it yourself independently


– 1 x Excel template that is customised for you and with you during online meetings to make it understandable and easy to use – it includes one-year budget planning (calendar year or fiscal year) using real-life data (bank downloads) and monthly and quarterly dashboards

– 3 x monthly meetings in the first three months to update the template with actuals and make sure it reflects your needs entirely for you

– 2 x subsequent quarterly meetings to update the template and make sure it works for you

– 1 x final meeting at the end of the year to review results and set up the budget for next year


Adina's skilful number-crunching helped me realise where I needed to train my marketing efforts, what I needed to cultivate, and what I needed to be mindful of as a solopreneur. Her service at a time of great uncertainty was reassuring, and it gave me a clear way forward that continues to guide my business decision-making.

Jacqueline Online Trainer. Specialist Meeting Facilitator, Drama@Work Consultant, Clean Language Coach

I asked Adina to work on my personal budget when I transitioned from full-time employment to self-employment. As monthly income fluctuations kicked in, it became crucial to know where the money comes from and where it goes and plan for the unexpected. Adina took time to understand my goals, helped me set up a budget forecast to identify all of my financial commitments for the coming year, broken down into months. She instantly puts me at ease with her down to earth approach and sense of humour.

Margaret Freelance Social Media Manager


I have an app that manages my money – why would I need your service?

Apps don’t do budget forecasts and don’t help with money management and decisions. They simply record the past and give you back a graph that does not even include percentage calculations to see whether you are doing better, worse or the same.
Apps are also general to fit the entire population. If you have specific categories of expenses that you want to monitor, you still need first to analyse your data to know how to set it up as the automatic reading of receipts may work against specific categorisations.

Finally, apps don’t teach you finance and don’t help you stay out of debt.

My business is too small to manage its finance

Because your business is small, you may actually need to pay more attention to what can happen in the future to avoid going into debt. You have less cushion, and you rely on smaller amounts that can affect you more than a bigger business.

I am no good with numbers and I don’t think I want to see my numbers, it is too scary

This is why you need a person to talk to and do it for you at the beginning. Other alternatives would be to do nothing as before and risk going into debt and not being able to save as much as you could or following an online course, which will not provide the full support you may need. Also, you need someone who is not personally invested in your financial situation and would have a neutral approach to it, therefore making it less scary.