Daunted by the financial management of your small business? Let us help you see the bigger picture.


At Profitable Insights, we help small and medium businesses to work out where the money is going, how to plan for the future and what they should be doing to become more profitable and increase profits. We use finance and operational data to derive insights, set sounds forecasts and KPIs and build profitability calculations that entrepreneurs should be doing but don’t have the time, energy or desire to do.

We give entrepreneurs financial control over their business using the following principles:
• Use your data better
• If it isn’t broken, improve it
• Use the path of least resistance

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Anchor your decisions in facts

We will support your business instincts with numbers. You will act with more confidence in the outcome.

Chart your profit drivers

We know how to find which numbers and drivers will influence the performance of your business. Some of your drivers are universal, hence we can offer a benchmark, and some are unique to your company.

Plot a course to profitability

We will keep an eye on your numbers and report meaningfully until it becomes second nature for you to do it. We will be your skipper for as long as you need us and no more.

When you are at sea we will help you chart progress.

Use your financial information

Who we are

We are a team of financial analysts with a background in small companies and extensive entrepreneurial experience.

We know the value of understanding what you are looking at. Tell me more

What we do

We increase the predictability of your business – no more surprises. By configuring easy-to-use spreadsheets, we can show you your situation and actual achievements. This allows you to monitor what is really happening and make changes. Good to know. What services do you offer?

Where we are best

If you are wondering whether you are making enough profit and whether you costs are in line with your industry, we can answer questions such as: Am I pricing my services optimally? and When will I run out of cash and how can I avoid it? We will ensure that you will no longer be at the mercy of market changes. Is this for me?

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When you start your business it is just a boat

We will help you turn it into a yacht
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